Örebrocupen Handball welcomes teams in age category F/P11-16 (born 2013-2008). 

Age category F/P11 (born 2013) are without results, which means that no table or results are reported.  Plays saturday-sunday.

Age category F/P12-16 (born 2012-2008)  are divided into groups of 4-5 teams, where all teams face each other. Group games Friday-Saturday, finals on Sunday. In the event of unforeseen events that prevent the execution of events and that the organizer could not prevent, the playoffs can begin on Saturday evening.

We reserve the right to cancel a game class if the desired number of teams is not met or to merge two classes in order to offer games. The relevant teams will then be contacted and asked, in the event of any cancellations in connection with this, the fees will be refunded. 

A two-judge system is used throughout the competition whenever possible.


Spelklasserna F/P11 (födda 2013) är resultatlösa och garanteras fyra matcher.

Spelklasserna F/P12-16 (födda 2012-2008) är tävlande klasser och garanteras minst fyra matcher.


Hemmalaget börjar med boll i första halvlek. I andra halvlek börjar bortalaget med boll.   

Samtliga matcher spelas 2 x 15 minuter utan sidbyten. Vid allvarlig kroppsskada avgör domarna om matchtiden skall stoppas. I huvudsak skall matchtiden vara rullande genom hela tävlingen. Halvtidspaus på en minut tillämpas.


Lagtimeout tillämpas INTE under tävlingen.


Lag som inte är tillgängligt för matchstart döms som förlorare med resultat 0-10.


Segrande lag: 2 poäng.

Oavgjord match: 1 poäng till vardera lag.

Förlorande lag: 0 poäng.

Tabellräkning: Flest poäng -> Målskillnad -> Flest gjorda mål -> Inbördes möte -> Lottning.


Vid oavgjort resultat i slutspelet gäller följande:

1. Flygande Sudden Death (första målet vinner) max 5 min
- Observera att spelet fortsätter utan avbrott vid full tid. 

2. Straffläggning
Är inte matchen avgjord under sudden death vidtar straffar. 

- 1 straff/lag tills en vinnare kan utses. 


Lämnas in elektroniskt till tävlingsarrangören före cupstart genom Cup Manager. Vid eventuella ändringar under tävlingens gång måste tävlingsledningen omedelbart informeras.

Max 17 spelare per match är tillåtna.


Each team may use three overage players per match and lineup. In order for the exemptions to be approved in the Örebro Cup Handball, an application must be completed via Cup Manager's cup system. The system will automatically ask for a exemption. 

Players who in their regular series play with a so-called medical exemption  can apply to be allowed to use this also during the Örebro Cup Handball. Scan in the medical  exemption  and send it to, and we will get back to you with an answer within two weeks.


The home team keeps two (2) match balls, one of which is a reserve ball, and makes a throw off in the first half.

  • Girls 16 (Born 2008) Size 1 50-52 cm 290-330 gram  

  • Girls   15 (Born 2009) Size 1 50-52 cm 290-330 gram 

  • Girls   14 (Born 2010) Size 0 46-50 cm 250-300 gram 

  • Girls   13 (Born 2011) Size 0 46-50 cm 250-300 gram

  • Girls   12 (Born 2012) Size 0 46-50 cm 250-300 gram 

  • Girls   11 (Born 2013) Size 0 46-50 cm 250-300 gram 

  • Boys   16 (Born 2008) Size 2 54-56 cm - 325-375 gram
  • Boys   15 (Born 2009) Size 2 54-56 cm - 325-375 gram 

  • Boys   14 (Born 2010) Size 1 50-52 cm - 290-330 gram 

  • Boys 13 (Born 2011) Size 1 50-52 cm - 290-330 gram 

  • Boys 12 (Born 2012) Size 0 46-50 cm - 250-300 gram

  • Boys 11 (Born 2013) Size 0 46-50 cm - 250-300 gram


If the teams has the same shirt color is it the away team that needs to change.  A list of the shirt colors will be attached under the Documents tab on our website.


Resin is allowed in the age category F/P15-16.


Any protest must be submitted in writing by the team manager to the competition office no later than 15 minutes after the match to which the protest relates. Together with the protest, one thousand (1,000) kroner must be left as a deposit. The money will be refunded if the protest is approved. The competition jury's decision cannot be appealed.